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WKKC joins people and organizations to give information to our listeners that will better your life. We are not responsible for the info or ways of business of our partners. We are merely interested in the info that our partners have to share. Just click on the name to get more details.

Professor Taneka Douglas

(Click here to see her Bio)

Professor Douglas shares Information on WKKC each week.
If you've missed any of the information, here are some
Public Service Announcements you may have missed:

Understanding Nutrition (Click here to hear details)
Nutritional Legacy II (Click here to hear details)
Exercise (Click here to hear details)
Nutritional Shakes (Click here to hear details)

Dr. Gene Smith is looking for Singers & Instrumentalists.

If you like to sing and/or play musical instruments, Dr. Gene Smith is looking for you to join The New Kennedy-King College Choir.