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About Us at WKKC

Radio Station WKKC-FM/HD1/HD2 Chicago has a dual purpose. First, the station serves as a laboratory for students of City Colleges of Chicago.  Primarily, Media Communications Students who seek to gain knowledge and practical experience in Radio Broadcasting. Secondly, as an FCC licensed entity, WKKC is also mandated to operate in “The Public Interest, Convenience and Necessity of surrounding communities.” WKKC serves its broadcast community with thoughtful, entertaining and educational programming. In fulfilling its purpose, WKKC strives for excellence in all aspects of the medium. WKKC's Non-Commercial status allows it the freedom to be daring, experimental, and unique. While doing so, we adhere to FCC guidelines, especially when it comes to NO USE OF CALLS TO ACTION. Ultimately, WKKC seeks to achieve a balance of benefits to both student practitioners and the listening audience.

WKKC is designed to provide students, alumni, community volunteers, and Kennedy-King College staff the opportunity to produce, perform, and participate in live and recorded broadcast experiences. WKKC’s top priority is providing training and “real world” broadcast experience to registered students of The City Colleges of Chicago.  The radio station is a major supplement to classroom instruction.

WKKC has been awarded in the Chicago Music Awards as "Chicago's Most Popular College Music Radio Station" 4 years in a row. Thank you, Chicago!